« Creation is the most beautiful story that ever happened to me. Meet, exchange and work with all these fabulous artisans is such a pleasure for me, a real luck.
It is thanks to their constant efforts and the extreme quality of their work that these artisans and their team can make our jewels scintillate and sparkle.  »

The 3d drawing and the model

Finalize the 3d drawing on the computer. Print a model in wax.

The melting

Melt with gold the pieces in the wax.

Laser cutting

Cut laminated gold plates with laser.

The Rattrapage and Polishing

File cast iron and sand the gold before polishing Polish the gold to make it bright

Setting Gems

Insert diamonds by hand one by one, then break down the gold to crimp the precious stones.


Link the chains into the rings to prepare them before welding.

The welding

The elements are welded together with a flame or a laser, depending on the model.

The cleaning

The jewels are cleaned with ultrasound to remove the marks of polishing paste.